Friday, May 25, 2012

[Link-Up] You Know You're a Fashion Blogger When...

This came from Sarah over at Simply Sarah.

Here are her instructions:

You Know You're A Fashion/Style Blogger When . . .

  1. Copy the list below 
  2. Paste the list onto a new blog post - and highlight/bold the statements that describe you or show something you've done
  3. After putting up the list, link back to Simply Sarah as the original list
  4. Add any other bullets to the list that you think describe fashion bloggers as well

Lets start this and see how far it gets!

You Know You're a Fashion Blogger When:
- The words "chambray", "gingham", and "ikat" are regular words in your vocabulary
- You know what color blocking means
- You love to shop, and in fact you literally get a high off of sales
- You use blogger's first names rather than referring to their blog name
- You've entered SO many giveaways; you never win, but hey you never know right?!
- You use blogger's first names and refer to them as if they've been your BFF forever
- You've sometimes wondered if it's vain to take pictures of yourself - and then not cared
- You've taken a picture, ran to the camera to see if you liked it, hated it and tried again
- You've mastered the art of "self-timer"
- Your phone is full of random pictures of yourself (bahahaha this is so true for me and I always feel like a complete idiot when my hubby scrolls through my phone photos cause it's so ridiculous)
- No matter what you're doing, even if you're camping, you wonder how you can take pictures
- You're constantly thinking about content for blog posts - you even write down ideas!
- You've gotten to know bloggers so well you feel like you've literally lived their life for a day (I'm working on this one! lol)
- One word: HTML
- You've pinned outfits on Pinterest to recreate, but rarely ever did
- You've wore outfit you just weren't into, so you skipped the day or wrote about something else
- You comment on blogs with <3 or XOXO, even though you've never met the people
- You feel closer to your blogger friends sometimes than your real friends
- At least one person in your life never knew they'd ever have to take so many pictures of you
- You've mastered at least one pose you use over and over
- You look at your closet and go "I have nothing  to wear" yet you have more clothes than you need
- You know details about blogger's lives, but you don't know their last name.  And you're OK with it.
- You spend your time talking about clothes, fashion, and styling - and people actually care!
- You realize now that blogging is truly a full time career if done right
- Blogging was just supposed to start as a creative outlet, but it's turned into so much more
- You've ever wondered "hey could I do this for a career"?
- You've wasted more time on your computer blogging than you care to admit


  1. I did it... I reposted and someone tweeted that they were going to continue it... Awesome! -Andria


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