Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Link-Up] Trend of the Month

Marion over at the fabulous Marionberry Style has posted a trend of the month challenge. This month's trend? YELLOW! Now, I have always been the type of girl who has shied away from yellow - I'm very, very pale, and yellow generally doesn't work well with my skin tone. However, very recently I picked up a neon-ish plaid button down that I really love!

I wore it for the first time this past weekend in Savannah. We went to brunch on Sunday and then back to our friend Katie's family home. Her parents live in this gorgeous, historic home on a street lined with Spanish moss, so hubby took a picture of me there.

Streets of Savannah, GA
Unfortunately, I'm too far away to really see the outfit, and of course I took no outfit pics on my amazing mini-vacation, so I recreated it for this challenge:

Top - Old Navy
Shorts - Marshall's
Wedges - Shoe Carnival (2011)
Necklace - JCrew via ebay
Watch - Target

Please don't mind the hair. I almost decided to cut this pic off at the neck but then thought, what the heck, may as well show the good (outfit) with the bad (hair). That makes me more real, right? Right?

Yellow has always been a color I've not incorporated into my wardrobe, but as Marion says in her blog today - anyone care wear yellow! It's all about the shade, and if you head on over to Marion's blog, she's got another tip or two for you about yellow!

What do you think of wearing yellow??


  1. Your yellow plaid top looks so cute with the turquoise! I don't own too much yellow (other than accessories) but I'm trying to change that because it's such a happy color :)

    Enter to win a clutch!

    1. Thanks! Before I started blogging a few months back, I probably wouldn't have thought to put all these colors together. I feel like my style is expanding!

  2. love it!! you look so cute! and those colors together are fabulous!

  3. Love the bright colors together! You look fab!
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    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  4. Cute blog! I love this color combination and your shirt is adorable!

  5. Love this look Jamie! The plaid blouse is awesome (I'm seriously going to look for that at Old Navy!) and I loved how you paired it with a bold red. So fun + ready for summer!!
    Thanks for linking up!!
    XO - Marion

  6. Love the turquoise on top of the yellow! Great look!


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