Friday, May 4, 2012

[Life] Friday Photo Dump

It's been awhile since I did one of these so here is a photo dump of my life over the last few weeks!!!

This is my favorite thing about traveling and staying at Hamptons. They give you so many pillows and I can arrange them like this for maximum pillowy goodness.

When I was in CT for work, this is where I was teaching.

They have a made-to-order cafeteria. It was like being on a cruise ship.

I also got to get into some of ESPN's studios. This is where they do a lot of football coverage!

In front of one of the coverage desks...

What I was sitting in front of.

Sportscenter was taping when I was there so we couldn't go in. But this was just for my SC-loving hubby!

Looks like NASA, doesn't it? This is 1/4 of the control room that controls ESPN programming.

Ever wonder how TV happens?

Using these...and I teach people how to use them!

Satellite farm...there is a lone house on the edge of it that refuses to sell their property to ESPN, even though they are surrounded.

J Timothy's for delicious "successful trip" finale dinner

Trying to get a good pic of the fun ring...

My dog is an IT wiz, apparently.

Home office.

Hubby loves tiramisu.
Her face...her face!!!

Our flowers are blooming!

My ridiculously amazing parallel park job in the city last night. I used to be awesome at this when I lived in the city in Pittsburgh. I don't get to do this often and it's nice to know I still have "the touch". :)

Fondue ladies night with some of my favorite people!

Happy Friday!


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