Thursday, May 3, 2012

[Beauty] American Honey

Let's talk nails, shall we?

A little while ago, I posted this and left out one of the sparkly topcoats because I couldn't find a good stock picture. Well, that was the first topcoat that I tried. I started off painting my nails a light pink from one of those French manicure sets because I thought the blue flecks would look summery and cute against a light, light pink background.

Wow, was I sorely mistaken.

The glitter topcoat that I had bought was not clear with blue flecks - the topcoat itself was tinted blue. I'm assuming that unless you painted a really dark color or another shade of blue as your nail base, the blue in the topcoat will overwhelm whatever you put under it. What a bummer! Looking at this, would you have thought the topcoat itself was blue?! Here's what it looked like:

I have no idea which color the Sally Hansen is, but the topcoat is Wet N Wild Use Protection

I mean, really - you can't see through the blue!!! Even after one coat it looked like this, so I just went ahead and painted on two coats of the topcoat. If you're gonna use blue topcoat, may as well make sure it's a nice blue.

This is what I have on my nails right now:

Revlon Silver Screen and Essie Dive Bar

I love doing a twist on a French manicure - I frequently do this type of thing. What do you think? What are some of your favorite ways of doing a non-traditional polish?

*There's a wild, wild whisper blowing in the wind
Calling out my name like a long lost friend
Oh I miss those days as the years go by
Oh nothing's sweeter than summer time*

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  1. oh i am LOVING the color tips / french manicure redo. i wanna try and pull that look off! i'm not great at painting my nails though. :( ah well.


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