Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Random] A New Year is Upon Us

Last night I rang in the New Year with some of my favorite people - my husband and I attended a party at my friend Cheryl's house. All my dance team ladies and gents were there, and it was such a fun, festive atmosphere that started the new year with love, laughter, and good spirits.

We spent the evening eating delicious food, drinking sparkly drinks, and enjoying fun and entertaining conversation with old friends and new acquaintances. We began the new year with a countdown, the ball drop, confetti poppers, a champagne toast, and fireworks in the street.

As 2014 starts, like many of you, I'm thinking about new beginnings and clean slates. I'm beginning this year by focusing on 1-4 things each week that I want to work on. Some of these things will be new habits I'm trying to introduce, some will be tasks to be accomplished, others will be things I want to be more focused on.

To start 2014, I am focusing on three things in the first week. Number one sounds kind of ridiculous - but I'm trying to break a stupid habit. I often, when lost in thought or not doing anything, chew on the inside of my cheek. I look ridiculous doing it, and it's so subconscious I don't realize I'm doing that. I'm trying to be more mindful of when I'm doing it and make myself stop when I notice.

The second thing is to start lifting weights again this week, 3 times a week. I got a new gym bag and some new gym clothes for Christmas this year, and it's given me sufficient motivation to make this one of my first goals.

Number three is also sort of health related, but I'm just dipping in my toe. For this first week, I'm going to focus on wearing my pedometer each day. I want to monitor the average number of steps I take over a week, so that in week two I can set an attainable goal for number of steps each day. Just getting into the habit of wearing my pedometer is goal enough for me this week!

One kind of bonus focus is to start taking daily outfit photos so I can participate in What I Wore Wednesday, even if the photos are snapped on my phone.

What are you working on in the New Year?

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