Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Shopping] I'll Stop the World and Melt With You

I spent the first day of 2014 relaxing and doing minor things around the house. It's so nice to have the time to be able to do these kinds of things when I haven't had many days like that in a long time. It was also super nice to not wake up on New Year's Day and be hungover - it's probably been a few years since that was the case, as much as it makes me cringe to say that. I didn't get dressed until 4pm. And it's ok to have one of those kind of days every now and again!!

Along with some cleaning and some DVR-catching-up, I also ran out to pick up a few quick things (which is really why I even got dressed in the first place). As part of my new goal to start getting back in the gym, and as a precautionary measure for my runs, I wanted to buy an armband for my iPhone. I've been carrying my phone in my hand on runs, but after my little "incident" with my hubby's phone (I dropped it in a parking lot and shattered the screen), I'd like a little more security for it! I not only grabbed one on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods, I also picked up a few of the Under Armor hair bands I love.

New Armband!

So cute!

While I was out, I popped into Payless since it's right by Dick's and I have had my eye on these shoes for awhile. I saw they went on sale online and also saw they had my size at my local Payless.

BrashWomen's Karbon Cut-Out Zippered Pump

Online, they were on sale for $20 (from $40), but in store they didn't appear to be marked down. I asked the girl who was working and she said 90% of the time they can honor the online price (some very specific online sales can't be honored). I brought the shoes up and they actually rang up for the sale price - plus Payless was offering 20% off sale/clearance items, so I ended up paying $16 for them!! They're actually super similar to a pair of Elizabeth & James heels that I have (see this post), but the E&J ones are super high (read: super difficult to walk/stand in for more than 10 minutes), and they're super expensive so I'm always hesitant to wear them for fear of them becoming all beaten up.

For $16, I can buy a dupe. And they're close to these, which were the shoes I was originally wanting when I bought the E&J shoes.

In the evening, I went to meet my dance friends at Wild Bill's for our normal Wednesday debauchery. There weren't many of us there but it was fun nonetheless.

Until next time...

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