Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Shopping] My First Vlog. Yes, Vlog.

Soooo...I've watched so many "haul videos" by other bloggers out there and decided to give it a try myself. I'm going to do up to 3 videos, I think - the first one here will be what I got at the pre-Christmas sales and a few items from the post-Christmas sales, with stuff I got for Christmas and the rest of post-Christmas sales to come.

In the video, I mentioned that these were all post-Christmas but that's not correct. In this particular video, only the stuff from Payless and Old Navy are post-Christmas. I was originally planning to put them all together, so it would have made more sense I guess, but as I was taping the video was SOOOOO long and I didn't want to bore the crap out of anyone. And I wanted to get this first piece up ASAP because I mention a few coupons that expire tomorrow.

Anyway - enjoy my very first vlog!

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  1. you are ADORABLE. love your vlogging!! i hope to see more! :) also, LOVE your finds!!


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