Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Shopping] Dressing Room Diaries

Time for another edition of dressing room diaries. These things pile up on my phone and I want to share them before the items are no longer in store!

Let's start with Old Navy:

I thought these dark green shorts were classic and versatile - bought! I really liked this top, but I have a lot of white tanks and felt that it wasn't worth $18. If these go on sale, I might grab one or two, but for now, I didn't get any.

These seahorse print short were adorable. Definitely grabbed them!

Every time I look at this pic I wish I had bought these shorts. They're adorable. However - my Old Navy only had them in smaller sizes and while these look ok, they were so tight on my waist that they were borderline rip-them-off-immediately uncomfortable. Didn't buy. I've even tried them on 2 more times since this trip and am reminded of their uncomfy-ness.

Lastly from Old Navy - this striped sheer tunic. I loved it and could think of plenty of ways to wear it. Bought it!

Now on to Gap:

I've been looking for a pair of cutoffs this summer to replace a pair I got rid of. So far the search has been unsuccessful. I'm thinking I might just have to make my own, but it's going to be hard to find a pair of jeans I'm willing to part with so I'm exhausting all my store bought options first. I didn't like this pair, specifically because they are the cutoff version of mom jeans:

YIKES! These too had the same issue:


Then New York & Company. I had bought this shirt:

And the first time I wore it I realized how much I loved it. So, remembering they had it in black too, I went back for the second color because there are very few tops I put on and am just head over heels for. So I got the black:

Aaaaaand the pink:

Next, my favorite consignment shop, Alexis Suitcase.

I need to stop going in there because I buy more jeans I don't need. Like these Miss Me jeans:

 I also tried on this pair of True Religions, but the original owner appeared to have hemmed them and while they were fine for flats, they didn't work with heels. I have so many heels that I prefer the longer length. I generally only buy "flats jeans" when they're a great deal. And while these were a great deal at $65, that's steep for jeans I can only wear with about 20% of my shoe collection. I didn't get these:


Lastly, Target. I tried this dress on:

And I really wanted to love it. But the way that it hit against my high hips just made me look wide in the waist. I spent a solid 15 minutes trying to decide but eventually walked away. You can probably still find this for about $18 on the sale rack!


  1. You can always ask Old Navy to search other local stores to see if they have your size. The store will even ship it to your house for six bucks which could be worth it if the only place that has your size is far away.

  2. Love all your picks from Old Navy!


  3. LOVEEE those shorts from old navy... and i agree about that red dress from target. it's so pretty but just something is missing... not sure what. also, your hair looks GORGEOUS in those first photos!


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