Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Beauty] Ombre Nails Part 2

Awhile back, I took a stab at ombre nails and really liked how it came out. I've thought about trying it again a whole bunch of times since, but it seemed like such a giant pain in the ass to fish through my nearly 100 bottles of nail polish to find the right mix.

So, on a boring Saturday afternoon a week or so ago, I did just that. Went through my nail polish collection and picked out some colors to do an ombre paint job.

You can see the actual differences between colors better here:

Do you like ombre style nails? Have you tried it?


  1. Dang, you own a LOT of nail polish! I love the ombre look but I don't think I have the right shades to do it.

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. Such a pretty ombre look. I'm currently trying to grow out my nails after years of biting with the hope to eventually do fun designs/color combos like this!

    Professionally Petite


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