Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[Random] Yes, That's Exactly What This Is

Ok, everyone, today I just felt like being random.

So, when I started blogging, arm parties were cool. Recently I read they're "on their way out". What do you think? Are arm parties still fun? I personally really liked this one!

Guys, my closet is a hot mess:

I just know it's going to be so time consuming to clean it out, I've been avoiding it for months. It's been on my task list every weekend since the new year, and every weekend I hit the little postpone button next to it on my task app. Yeesh. Don't even mention that top shelf. I shudder every time I want to wear something up there, and I curse every time I can't find what I want.

This was how I told my hubby we were going as Harry Potter and Hermione for Halloween last year. I think I should totally get these frames if I ever need to wear glasses for more than reading.

And lastly, I've been lusting over this bag at Target, but I cannot for the life of me justify buying it because I have almost zero use for a new tote bag. So, I'm going to leave it to you guys to justify it for me. Leave a comment and give me some ideas as to what I can use this for that means I absolutely must go buy it now!!


  1. My closet is such a mess too and I really need to clean it. I keep "losing" items in there and it'll take me like an hour to find it..pretty sure that means I need to clean it. You should totally buy that bag!

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  2. wait what? where did you hear arm parties are out? LAME! i love arm parties. and those glasses? they need to make their way into an outfit shoot!


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