Monday, February 18, 2013

[Shopping] Dressing Room Diaries #1

Ah, the dressing room photograph. A great way to figure out whether something really does look good. Also, a great way to feel remorseful about a purchase you didn't make, or perhaps even one that you did. These type of pictures are super helpful for all of us to learn what works on us and what doesn't. Let's see what's worked and what didn't over the last few months...


This top was just too flowy at the bottom. It ballooned when tucked and overall was just frumpy at the waist. However....

It had a really cool cutout back. But not cool enough for me to overlook the obvious. Didn't buy.

I kind of liked this sweater, but I couldn't decide if it was supposed to be fitted or not. It was a bit big at the waist and that, in the end, prevented my buying it.

 This one I really liked. It had that oversized look that I love and was super comfy. But...

I thought the arms were goofy - way too large. Didn't get this one.

I have been looking for a chambray shirt I love and have yet to find one. This one I liked, but didn't love, so I put it back.

I really liked this pink blazer, too - but it wasn't on sale and I couldn't justify buying another blazer when I have plenty. (See, this is one of those pictures I look back on and think that perhaps it was worth the price for how well it fits!)

I had been looking for some kind of mustard item for my top half. This cardigan fit the bill. I brought this one home!

This cardigan is a different color and a smaller size than the mustard one. I liked the fit of the larger size, and wasn't in love with this color, so I left this one in store.

What would you have done with these items?



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