Thursday, February 28, 2013

[Vlog] February Budget, Part 1

I know, I know, I said last month I'd do weekly or bi-weekly updates on this so my videos aren't 10 minutes long.

But I didn't.

Basically, I like doing my videos when my husband is gone because I can do them in the dining room without competing against the TV. Our house has a super open floor plan so I may as well be in the same room as the TV when it's on.

Tuesday night, hubs has class for his MBA. Tuesday night is the perfect night to make a video.

The first Tuesday of February I was in LA.

The second Tuesday I went to dinner with a friend I haven't seen in ages.

The third Tuesday I forgot.

So here we are. I apologize again for the length of this video. You can skip it if you really want to and just read below as I hang my head in shame.

  • Green flowered top, Forever 21 (similar, similar, similar), $19.80
  • White printed top, Love 21 (same), $22.80
  • Cobalt blazer, Forever 21, $15.99
  • Damask pants, Forever 21 (similar), $29.90
  • Destroyed jeggings, American Eagle Outfitters (same), $29.99
  • Printed heels, Prabal Gurung for Target (same), $39.99
  • Black heels, Prabal Gurung for Target (same), $39.99
  • Silver heels, Betsey Johnson via Alexis Suitcase, $15.00
Total for this vlog: $213.46, or $133.46 not counting the Prabal Gurung for Target purchases, since I had already set money aside for those items.
Original retail: $320ish - guessing the Betsey Johnson heels at about $75ish, but I have no idea. For as much of a bargain shopper as I am, I only saved money on 3 of these items - the blazer was $14 off, the jeggings were $20 off, and the heels from Alexis Suitcase were a great deal.


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