Friday, January 11, 2013

[Goals] 10 Days In

Well, here we are. January 11, 2013. It's been about 10 days of actual practice for my goals. I said I'd use the blog to keep myself on task, so here's the first update for the year.

I mentioned the way I plan to attack my goals - little by little add in small, easy to track actions until they build up and help the goal come to fruition. This means I'm not attacking all goals all the time necessarily, but attacking small bits.

What goals have I started working on?

I like things like this entirely too much.

I haven't started doing much in the way of continuous exercise. However, I have started working on goal #4 - Be more conscious of food choices and eat healthier. 
Doing what?
I've started with 2 tasks. To be more conscious of food choices, I've set a goal to record what I eat daily, or keep a food diary, if you will. To be more conscientious as well as healthier, I've also started "freezer cooking". I have a free ebook on freezer cooking - the basic idea is you spend a big chunk of time preparing all your meals for the month, and by doubling or quadrupling recipes you can make it easy to do that many meals. I have decided to do this on a weekly basis to start, and see how it goes.
How have I done?
Meh. I've been great with the freezer cooking, with nearly 2 full weeks under my belt. On the other hand, I was great for about 4 days recording what I eat and then it stopped. I find that my issue is I snack - and it's hard to remember the little quarter servings of 5 different things that I ate. I think the next goal in this category is less little snacks.

Family, Social, Spiritual, Career
I haven't done anything yet towards these goals, though just this week I added the family phone calls to my goal task list.

I like shopping way too much.

Three big things happening here as far as tasks - recording daily spending, no shopping until "shopping weekend" and sticking to a clothing budget. I didn't mention it in my goals but the biggest reason for this budgeting is because a) I had no accountability for it previously and couldn't tell how much I was spending or how often I was shopping and b) to pay down some debt by restricting spending.
Doing what?
I went through my pinterest wishlist and created an ordered list of the most important items, along with some other wishlist things. This will help me to more wisely spend my allotted $160/month.
How have I done?
Followed this pretty well so far! I've spent about $89 of my monthly budget (although some might go back - I placed an online order and needed to add stuff I wasn't sure I'd love to get free shipping. I refuse to pay an additional 20% on the price in shipping just because they don't carry something in store) and I haven't popped into any stores but once (damn you, Target!). I might break the rule this afternoon, for a specific reason - the best Goodwill in town (they're in a nicer part of town and get great stuff that they actually highlight on a separate rack) is right by my doctor's, where I'll be this afternoon. I never get down there so I might just have to pop in. So far so good, though! And I'm doing great keeping up with my spending spreadsheet, although it doesn't look so great. Some spending tweaks need to happen!

Education, Artistic, Attitude, Pleasure, Public Service
I haven't put any tasks towards these goals yet.

I like keeping stuff too much. Notice all the crap on the bed.

In reading and following Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home, the first chapter focuses on things. The main task I'm taking away from this is decluttering. This is going to take awhile, but I'm focusing on one small location at a time. I started with my desk and am proud of all the crap I threw away! I'm asking myself if each item is something useful or something I love, and if not, I'm getting rid of it. I'm super proud of myself for getting rid of a whole bunch of college mementos that I've been hanging on to for over 10 years!

How are your 2013 goals starting out?


  1. I can't wait to read Happier at Home! I'm almost done with her first book that I started in September, no doubt! And good luck with that shopping budget and no spending days! It might be hard at first, but it also helps to surround yourself with people who will support you or who have the same goals- sure you knew that already, just saying! -Jessica L

  2. i am doing weekly goals this year to be different!


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