Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[Vlog] January Shopping Part 1

Has anyone else been following what's up with Ciate, the company that brought us caviar manicures? I saw the other day that they have something new and I had to seriously laugh - foil manicures!! I laugh not because a foil manicure is funny...I laugh because I had a $3 foil manicure kit when I was in 6th grade (in 1992!!!) that I was obsessed with. And here we are 20 years later seeing the same dang thing for 10 times the price! You cannot deny that fashion is cyclical.


Today's post is my first vlog for the new year. I mentioned a few days ago that I'll be doing shorter, more frequent vlogs as I change the way I shop, but for this week, you're gonna get a long vlog in 3 parts - try not to judge the really crappy editing chop job you're going to see across the videos, haha!

Before you watch, know that 1 - there is a breakdown of what I bought below the video so you can see how the budget went, and 2 - don't forget to enter my giveaway for an awesome bottle of Sinless Cocktail mixers, which is also below the video!!!

  • Cap toe shoes, DSW (buy here), $18 (original retail $80)
  • Tartan scarf, Ebay (buy here in other colors), $14
  • Green floral scarf, Forever 21 (buy similar here), $2 (original retail $9)
  • Black and white scarf, Forever 21 (out of stock online), $2.50 (original retail $11)
  • Pink and white marled scarf, Target (out of stock online), $8.50 (original retail $17)
Grand total for this vlog: $45
Original retail total: $131 (66% savings)

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  1. Loved the vlog! That is one of my goals this year: actually DO a vlog! Can't believe you saved so much money!!

  2. yay! you are braver than me...i am SO scared to try a vlog post! but i did just download the vine app that allows for only 6 second videos...perfect for a newbie like me! =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife


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