Monday, April 16, 2012

[Fashion] All Around

Do you ever find that you see a particular style and then obsessively look at it or try and find it? (Thanks to Katie at Fashion's Maven for her post yesterday!)  I do that all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Right now I have a number of things I'm obsessing over finding: a pair of black wedges

Love love love! here

(this was the inspiring outfit that made me want them! So jealous they fit you. :)  And do they not look almost exactly like these from DVF?)

a pair of sandals with cloth ankles
From - I want less fringe more slouch!
and a white blazer

From American Eagle Outfitters

The wedges from Target are the ones I'm dying to own. The problem is I have chicken legs and therefore ridiculously tiny ankles, and these particular wedges zip up the back and are too loose at the ankle. If only they had now I'm on the search for a similar wedge with a buckle.

The sandals have presented a problem in that they all seem to be made with very heavy fabric. This isn't conducive to Atlanta's triple digit summers so I'm trying to find a lightweight pair.

I just love the look of a crisp white blazer. Unfortunately, I am uber pale and so I have to be selective about the shade of white I buy. I've found myself trying on every white blazer I find but just haven't had one that grabs me just yet.

So, does anyone have suggestions on where I can find these? And at great prices?

Does anyone else obsess like this about a fashion? What did/do YOU obsess over finding?

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