Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Outfits] I Follow You

Well, the outfit pics have been piling up in my camera(s) so it's time to do an outfit post! I want to try and do these daily but I am just awful about pulling the pictures off my camera. Again, sorry the pics are so crappy. Hopefully they will improve soon, as I just bought myself a tripod to get better full length pictures from the camera timer. Enjoy!

Top - Limited
Tank - H&M
Jeans - Express, old

 This was the best pic I could get of my dinner outfit from Saturday night. For whatever reason every time I took a picture of this dress it looked HUGE and I swear it wasn't that drapey in real life! This is the best one:

Maxi dress - Old Navy
Blazer - old, Burlington Coat Factory

Dress accessories...

I just love this Rose Gold watch! (gifted)

Black and silver ring - Payless
Beaded bracelets - old

Necklace - old
Earrings - homemade by me!

And some outfits from work this week. Monday:

Pink tee - American Eagle Outfitters
Cardigan - Allen B, Macy's
White Skinnies - JC Penney here

Flats - Old Navy

Pay no mind to the bad hair...haha

I just liked the way the sun looks!


You may remember this dress from this post...

And you can still buy it here...

Shoes - Boscov's, unbranded (I wish we had those down south!)

How I accessorized - with a statement necklace!
Necklace and earrings - India (yes, the country - my
sis-in-law who lives in New Delhi half the
 year brought them for me on her last visit)

Thanks for stopping by! I have a few posts to come this week...a shopping trip post, a shopping haul post, and a beauty post - so make sure to stop back!

*When you go east, baby, I follow you
When you go west, baby, I follow you*


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