Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Outfits] Devil With a Blue Dress

Been a little bit since I put up some outfit posts and (as per usual) they're piling up on my various cameras. So enjoy!

Basic tee and jeans combo...I find this is always a good go-to. What's your favorite go-to outfit? What accessories could I have added to spruce it up?

Tee - J. Crew
Jeans - Express
Shoes - Target
Watch - gifted
Necklace - Macy's

I love a great watch. What is your favorite accessory?

Close up of my fave watch!

I love the look of a long sweater with skinny jeans - kind of replicating the idea of a tunic and leggings, no?

Sweater - H&M
Jeans - Elle (Kohl's)
Bracelets - F21 and a local boutique

I also love love love the stacking bangle trend. Although, I find that I have to take them off at work because they're annoying. Does anyone else find the multiple bracelet trend bothersome for day to day activities?

Shoes - Shoe Carnival
Tell bad do these shoes look here? Maybe I should have chosen differently? Suggestions?

The shoes look awfully odd here. But I thought they looked cute in real life!
Please ignore my awful expression. What do you think of rouched tops?

Green tank - H&M
White tee - Express
Jeans - F21
I really like the rouched style, but I think not every rouched top looks good. I like this one particularly. What do you think?

Ripped jeans: what do you think of them?

White tank - H&M
Brown sheer top - Express
Jeans - Charlotte Russe
Sandals - Old Navy

See? More stackable bracelets!!

Bracelets - F21 and gifted from India

Sorry for the crappy photography here - this was the outfit I wore to fly to CT for work on Monday so I had to take the pic in my hotel room mirror. I'm really into blazers and scarves. And for whatever reason my hair made it through the flight looking just like it did this morning. That never happens!

Top - Ross
Blazer - Burlington Coat Factory
Pants - Charlotte Russe, old
Scarf - some random market in London
Leather ballet slippers - Gap
Sunnies - Boutique
Rose Gold watch seen previously
Black and white bracelet - New York and Company

My super talented friend Lea made me these adorable earrings. I often check out what she's made every time I head over to her place. I wish I was more creative so I could do that sort of thing. Do you ever make your own jewelry or accessories?

Necklace - Kohl's
Earrings - homemade and gifted from my wonderful friend LMA!

Thanks for stopping by!!

*Wearin' her wig hat and shades to match
She's got high-hell shoes and an alligator hat
Wearin' her pearls and her diamond rings
She's got bracelets on her fingers, now, and everything*


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