Saturday, April 14, 2012

[Thoughts] Gone

I have been struggling a bit with this blog so far - back into my old habits of course. I am having a hard time reconciling what I want to do with what I think I should do. I started out with the intent to make this blog mostly about fashion, beauty, and style with some other things mixed in, like food, books, news, and life. My inspiration is the many, many wonderful fashion and personal style blogs that are out there. However, I'm struggling a bit. For one, it feels terribly narcissistic to want to do this. Takes pictures of my outfits and accessories and post them nearly daily for all the world to see? Who do I think I am? Then I think about all those wonderful fashion blogs out there that I love reading and I figure there have to be some other fashionistas out there like myself who doesn't have the cash or desire to wear the big names (hell, who don't even KNOW all the big names) but still enjoys being stylish. There have to be others who are on a tight budget like myself and might benefit from knowing where I found a piece for a great price. But it still seems so narcissistic.

And then there's the question of - really - how fashionable am I? I'd like to think I'm fairly fashionable although not nearly on the level of some out there. But enough that my blog might be inspiring? I don't know. I had a coworker the other day question my outfit (a bit rudely, but whatever) and it got me thinking - others will most definitely do the same at some point. How will I feel then?

And I'm NOT artistic or creative or able to take fabulous pictures like so many bloggers out there. I know I won't be able to make my pictures look like everyone else's, but I guess I just have to do my best. The bottom line is, I love to write, I love trends and styles and fashion and budget pieces, and I just have to trust that there are others out there who might gain something here. And once in awhile maybe have a nice, thoughtful post about something else that will get people thinking. But I will never know what will happen until I do, so I guess that's where we're going!

*What you see's not what you get
With you there's just no measurement
No way to tell what's real from what isn't there*


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