Friday, April 20, 2012

[Shopping] Sin Wagon

As I was reading through my RSS reader the other day, I came across this article from the Frisky titled "7 Things I Can't Help But Buy Even Though I Already Own Something Just Like It". The author speaks to the nature of obsessive buying, even though the thing you're buying may be ridiculously similar to something you already own. The idea hit pretty close to home.

I love fashion - clothes, accessories, everything. I always feel like there is something out there I just HAVE to have. In my case, I don't often buy things that are exactly like something I already own, but I have a penchant for obsessing over items that I have plenty of but this one is different or special because I don't have this color, or the pattern is just so different even though I already have 3 blue-hued pattern scarves. I feel like I need to have one of everything when it comes to some items. It can get bad. My biggest offenders?

Jeans. (I own multiple pairs of each style of jean because there is something identifiably different about them)
Hats (oh, gosh, how I love hats, even though I don't get nearly enough chances to wear them)
Nail polish, sometimes. I go in waves on that one (I'm currently on a ridiculous spree).

Do you do this? What are some of the things you obsess over??

*Well now I've been good for way too long
Found my red dress and I'm gonna throw it on
...'Bout to get too far gone*


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