Friday, April 20, 2012

[Shopping] What I Didn't Buy

Just dumping off some pics of fitting room not-quite-disasters from a recent TJ Maxx trip. :)

I was wishy-washy on this. I liked it but then I wasn't sure if it was
flattering enough to justify the $40 price tag. I decided to think about
it and go back. I did go back to try it on again but it was gone.
Decision made for me!

I really liked the fit of this dress, which is surprising, since tubey-type
dresses generally don't look right on my oddly proportioned figure.
However, you can barely see that around the bust there is a sparkly
type band, and it wasn't big enough to fit properly over my girls,
so it was a no. Bummer cause it was dirt cheap clearance.

Haha I love my face here. This is my "I want to love this dress but
it's not quite right!!!" It's an adorable Calvin Klein, but the problem
was in the midsection - you can see it's a bit baggy. The next size down
was too tight on my chest. If it wasn't $40 it might have been worth
buying and paying to alter, but that would have almost doubled
the price. Not worth it.

I'll be posting 2 more shopping trip posts soon with stuff I actually liked and bought. :) One for accessories and one for clothes.

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  1. Aw! Hate when that happens (like with the cK dress!!)! Altering something can be so pricey so I know the feeling of disappointment when you know it's just not worth it :(


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