Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Conversation] Which Side Are You On?

It's Saturday, and I'm about to get a little heavy here.


I'm confident your misinformed political opinions are even more misinformed than mine.

Now before you go running off, let me say I am not going to get into my personal views, or attack the views of anyone else. In fact, that's kind of the point of this.

I hate politics. Hate them. They are so polarizing and I think polarization is the last thing this country needs.

I bet my candidate will be better at not really answering debate questions than your candidate.

One side and its media points the finger and talks trash about the other side. The other side does the exact same thing. Politics have become less and less about the issues and more and more about dissecting what the other side said and pointing out their shortcomings and the way they lied.

People get into heated discussions not about issues, but about politicians and what they said. It becomes about dragging politicians and the political media through the mud instead of focusing on why we're electing these folks. Focusing on how to fix the issues in this country that many of us agree exist.

It was great hearing both political parties map out how they'll prevent each other from getting anything done for another four years.

A President is only one man. Regardless of what the perception is, no man is an island, right? So much of what goes on in this country happens because of a lot of people and all their influences. The polarization, and the reason for the polarization, and the fanaticism that accompanies politics just makes me sick. And it makes me sad. I wish I could just tune out the entire political spectrum outside of what I read and research for myself.

What do you think about politics?

Election season has been a great opportunity to whittle down my Facebook friends.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday for the slightly less awful and eventually completely ineffective candidate.


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