Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Shopping] Another Round of "Did I Buy It?"

Let's take a look at what I've tried on lately, shall we?

Top from Old Navy. Did I buy it?

Nope. Thought the material was a little too clingy.

Polka dot sweater from Old Navy. Buy?

Yep! Loved this sweater and this color in particular.

Green polka dot sweater from Old Navy. Did I get a second one in a second color?

Nope. I only need one of these sweaters and I was trying to decide which color worked better with my coloring!

Target mint green button down. If you've read my fall wishlist post, you know what I did with this one...

Didn't buy it. It was too tight in the chest. And going up a size made it a giant balloon around my waist.

Sheer plaid button down, also Target. Did I get it?

Yep! I thought it was cute and it was less than $10!!! You may still be able to find this one on the clearance rack.

Target pink pencil skirt. Buy?

YES! Skirts are one thing I am really lacking in my wardrobe. I don't have many. So when I found this one for $6.88, I grabbed it!

Mint blouse from Old Navy. Buy?

At first, no.  I wasn't sure I loved it. But when I looked back over these pictures, I realized it was a lot more flattering that I originally thought. And you might have seen this top in the pictures from my Grandmother's 90th birthday party!

Mustard striped top: yay or nay?

Yay! I went specifically for this top and it was the last one in my size.

Chevron top. Buy or no buy?

No buy. I didn't love it but didn't hate it. I think this picture makes it look better than it really did in person.

White tank top from Old Navy. Buy?

Nope. I love this top - I have it in blue and was looking for something similar in white like this - but the only size they had was a large, which is what I'm wearing above. It was entirely too big in the waist. I kept an eye out for a medium but never did find one.

Navy top with red polka dots. What do you think?

I loved the pattern - but not the fit. This picture makes the top look like it fits a bit better than it really did.

How about a green preppy tank?

Ugh. And here we have what happens when you have a big chest. I think certain tank top cuts and prints can make you look massive up top - and this is one of them. i thought the way the tank armholes cut in made my  chest and shoulders look huge in comparison to the rest of my body.

A grey tee? You know this answer if you've seen my wish list.

Winner! Loved the way this tee draped - and for $10 this Gap tee was a winner! Actually, I wish I had picked it up in a few more colors.

What have you tried on lately?


  1. I am WITH YOU on the large chest challenges. I love my boobs...except when it comes to buying button-ups. I have two of those blouses just like your mint one - they're the first I've found in FOREVER that don't gap between buttons!!! I think you found great deals, and I LOVED this post!

  2. I'm so jealous that you got that Old Navy polka dot sweater! When I was in the store about 2 weeks ago they didn't have any left in my store. :(

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. i LOVEEEE that old navy polka dot sweater! and i got the EXACT SAME pencil skirt! TWINS!


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