Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Try It] First Try It Tuesday Linkup!

I have to admit - I'm a little bit nervous to put this out there today. I'm a pretty small blog, but I've been looking for some motivation to actually do some of my Pinterest pins, and I thought this would give me the boost to do so. Frankly, I'm just hoping that at least one other person links up with me today, haha! :)

For the first linkup...feel free to link up to an older post if you'd like to participate but weren't prepared. The only rules are that your post content is inspired by something else - be it a pin, a page from a magazine, or someone else's blog. Also, please link back to my linkup in your post - the button code is below and in my right sidebar if you'd like to use the button.

For today's inspiration, I went to my outfit pinboard - specifically my pinboard full of outfits worn by other style bloggers that I wanted to try for myself. I at first chose this outfit from Andrea at My Closet To Yours:

I was inspired by the classic polka dots with the classic khaki. I paired a white polkda dotted shirt with a pair of skinny khakis and just didn't like how it looked on me. I think the fact that the inspiration photo uses pink and I wore white, along with Andrea's khakis being a bit darker than mine, made my version of the outfit wash me out. I mean, light colors on pasty white skin is not the most complimentary.

So, I went back to the drawing board. Or shall I say pinboard??

My next inspiration photo came from Merrick at Merrick's Art:

I pinned this outfit because I really like the monochrome - it's lots of blue without the color being overpowering. Since I own this exact top, I thought it would be an easy recreation - and it was! Overall, I stayed pretty true to the inspiration photo.

When using an inspiration photo as a basis for an outfit, I always try to figure out what I like about the outfit - sometimes it's the color combination, sometimes it's the way things are layered, and sometimes it's the way the styles work together, like a flowy top paired with leggings or other tight fitting bottoms. In this case, I knew it was a combo of the layers with the color.

Another thing to think about when recreating an outfit is what parts of the inspiration outfit work for you and what parts don't. Merrick used a belt in her outfit - generally, a skinny belt at that location on my torso doesn't compliment my high hips and short waist, so I skipped it. (Also, she's got a little different definition since she's pregnant!! haha) Other than leaving out the belt, all I did differently was go with a darker brown open toed heel, and added my pop of green at the neckline with a necklace. Overall, I was happy with how it turned out!

Have an inspired Tuesday!

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