Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Fashion] Wish List Update

I've been making a bit of progress on my wishlist and I'm kind of excited. I'm about halfway there! How is your fall shopping going?

  1. I have not found my smoker flats yet. I tried on those super cute burgundy ones at Target but the 9.5s were too tight and the 10s were too wide and looked ridiculous when my foot wasn't completely flat. I was bummed because I really liked them! Still...onward towards the right pair!
  2. I'm likely going for my boots in a week or two. Excited!
  3. Well. I say this is a "kind of X" - I found a sheer cream colored top but it's a little too sheer - I have to wear a tank underneath and I definitely think it takes away from it a bit. Aside from that it's a perfect match, but I'm keeping my eye out for a less sheer version on sale. It's such a classic blouse that perhaps having 2 is ok? Perhaps? :)
  4. I went back for the Old Navy version of this mint top. Molly talked me into it. Kind of. 
  5. This, I think, is my BEST score. I've been kind of keeping my eye out, tried on some burgundy pants but just didn't love them. Then I saw some on the F21 website for $25 and decided to check out the store for them. They didn't have them. After walking around the store and not seeing them, I started to leave. As I was leaving, a peek of burgundy caught my eye - there was a pair of burgundy jeans randomly stuck on a rack they didn't belong on. And they were my size. I went to go try them on but the line was HUGE and I was in a I decided, what the heck - they were $15!!!!! I figured if I got them home and they didn't fit I could return for store credit and no doubt could find something to spend $15 on. I got them home and they fit perfectly. I'm so excited about these pants!!!
  6. Ya'll already knew that I got this top - still haven't purchased the scarf, though I still might! I'm also kind of loving the mustard cardigans. If a cheap one comes along....
  7. I got these shoes but got them in the black and white cloth instead of the plaid. Just thought they were more unique.
  8. Still no polka dot blouse yet, though I've tried on a number.
  9. No box clutch, though I am in LOVE with the pink and black lace one from Kirna Zebete's Target collection. However, I'm a bit hesitant to bite the local store had the BLACK one and the faux fur animal print one on sale for $11, but the pink and lace remained $35. I think I'm going to hold out for a bit and see if I can grab one if it ever goes on sale...but I love it so much I just might end up going full price in case they sell out.
  10. No green heels yet
  11. No red bag yet, though I've found a few that weren't quite right.
  12. Grey Gap tee was in my last update.

Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself! And I've only purchased a few things not on my list - a pair of hunter green skinnies on sale at Target, a thrifted red blazer (love!! I'm so proud cause I suck at thrifting), and I feel like I bought something else but can't think of it right now. Oh well.

What is your best fall purchase so far?


  1. Wow you've gotten a lot of great stuff! I was just in F21 on the weekend, but they didn't have the burgundy skinnies there, boo. I still have a lot of things on my fall wish list but I'm hoping to check them off soon :)

    The Tiny Heart Chicnova Giveaway!

  2. You got so many great items and the best thing is, they are all so versatile! I'm excited about your burgundy pants too, can't wait to see them on you. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I love that you're checking things off your list! I do the exact same thing. It prevents distraction and helps guarantee I get exactly what I need or want :)

  4. yay!! i'm so glad you got the mint top! you're really checking things off well, girl!!!


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