Monday, October 8, 2012

[OOTD] This Bird Has Flown

Another Monday rolls around. Oy. I thought I would continue to channel the weekend by posting a less blog-worthy outfit that is closer to what you really see me in on days where I only leave the house to run errands. This is real, folks.

I had an exciting and fun filled weekend!! Friday night I met with the University of Pittsburgh alumni group to watch the Pitt/Syracuse game...we lost by one point but as a Panther fan this is the kind of thing we're used to.

Top: Gap Outlet | Jeans: Gap | Flip Flops: Old Navy | Necklace, Earrings: Kohl's | Bracelets: I don't remember! | Visor: online via South University, where I got my AS in IT

Saturday I spent the afternoon at Horsetown with my dance team gals looking for fun jeans and new boots. I found the most perfect pair of cowboy boots and I'm super excited to start breaking them in! We had a blast with 7 of us girls taking over the fitting rooms and browsing the boots for hours. Then in the evening, we went to a wine and cheese party at a friend's house - and if you know anything about me, you know that is the best kind of party in my book! I love cheese and I love wine...not much I enjoy more from a food and drink perspective! Sunday we went to a new place to check out the Steelers game with the Steelers Fan Club in the area.

What did you do this weekend?

I have a pair of bonus shots for ya...

A Lexibomb.....

Aaaaaaand me being an idiot with my camera remote. As you can see in the above pics, I'm holding it, but it stank (which is why I don't use it any more) because you had to click it about 5 times before it would activate the shutter, and you had to be in direct sight of the sensor, which could make the lens in the way if you held it just so. That was a waste of a purchase, I can tell ya for sure. So this photo shows my frustration...

Happy Monday!


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  1. i actually LOVE the simple look, jamie!! you look gorgeous!! that green color is perfect on you! <3 BTW I got my package this weekend - i LOVEEEEEE IT! thank you so much! <3


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