Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Linkup] Try It Tuesday #2

Welcome to Try It Tuesday, a linkup where we can try out something we've wasted all that time pinning! :)  The only rules are that your post content is inspired by something else - be it a pin, a page from a magazine, or someone else's blog. Also, please link back to my linkup in your post - the button code is below and in my right sidebar if you'd like to use the button.

This was today's inspiration: a 60s Bardot style ponytail from Sweet Caroline In the City:

how to: 60's bardot ponytail
I was actually happy that I watched the video because I picked up on a tip - I had no idea that you didn't have to feverishly back comb for volume; now I know you only have to comb nicely!

Anyway...since I wore my version to work, I didn't make it nearly as high as this one. And honestly, I think the effect is very minimal. Next time I'll try it with more volume! (Sorry, but I just did this one yesterday and barely had enough time to snap minimally crappy pics.)

Definitely a baby hair bump!

What did you try this past week?


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