Monday, October 8, 2012

[Help] Have You Had or Thrown a Bridal Shower?

I need some help from some of the most creative women I know: you ladies!!! I have been given the amazing honor of being Matron of Honor in my friend Jena's wedding. I'm starting the process of planning both her shower and her bachelorette party, and I wanted to get some input.

She has been dreaming of getting married for as long as I've known her. I want to give her the best, most awesome shower and bachelorette party that I possibly can, and want to know this: what did you do/have at a bridal shower or bachelorette that you just loved? Was there a game that was especially fun? Was there a twist to the party you really enjoyed?

Please, let me know in the comments! Ya'll are amazing!

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  1. oh lawdy have i thrown my fair share of showers and bach parties. my favorite things are the "do you know the bride" games - where you ask the bride a certain number of questions in advance and then ask the attendees those questions and prizes go to the winners! :) so much fun!! i also love just really personal things vs. the cookie-cutter "toilet paper bride" games. you know? good luck girl!


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